Faster PHP fo shizzle—HipHop for PHP

Since apparently, I was the first person to ever publicly spill the beans on HipHop, I need to do penance by clarifying what HipHop is and what it means for PHP.
For those of you who don’t have time to read the rest, here is what HipHop for PHP is:

  • HipHop is a PHP-to-C++ cross-compiler. What this means is it takes PHP code and translates it into C++ code for further compiling. It is not another language. It is not a just-in-time compiler (JIT).. Read more..

Tutorial: Meta compilers - Part 1

Where are we going with this tutorial? You are going to make a compiler right here on these web pages. Yes - no kidding. In fact you are going to make a lot of compilers - and it's all going to be easy. No Ajax, Active X, DLLs, SOs, ASP, CGI, Java, plugins, modules, XML, cookies, PHP, Perl, Python, magic shell operations, world wide standard du jour, or intergalactic domination plans are necessary - just plain JavaScript in frames. Also you will be able to move the compiler you build off these web pages and into your programming language of choice by cutting and pasting.

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