25+ Free Editors and IDEs for Freelance Developers on a Tough Budget

Spending hundreds of dollars on a text editor or IDE may give you a great tool with loads of nice features, regular updates, great documentation etc…. It’s an option but actually there are very useful and completely free alternatives. In this article tripwire magazine provides a list of more than 25 free Editors and IDEs useful for most developers on a tough budget. Please drop a comment if a great tool was missed in the post. Read more..

Eight PHP power tools

Though precise statistics are difficult to obtain, PHP is undeniably a top choice as a Website building language. Since October 2009, the TIOBE Programming Community Index has PHP holding third place -- behind Java and C -- among programming languages overall. Regardless of the exact extent of PHP's usage, you need only consider that Web sites such as Facebook -- which manages millions of users and petabytes of content -- use PHP; workloads of that magnitude demand a serious programming language and supporting environment. Read more...

Coderun - online IDE

Coderun is a free, cross-platform browser-based IDE. Runs in IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Main page, IDE, jquery sample

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