jQuery links 2012-01-30 [updated]

Quiero compartirles mi más reciente colección de enlaces relacionados con jQuery. Espero les sea de mucho provecho.

I want to share with you my most recent collection of links related to jQuery. I hope it will be useful.

JavaScript WYSIWYG Editor – TinyEditor

TinyEditor is a simple JavaScript WYSIWYG editor that is both lightweight (8KB) and standalone. It can easily be customized to integrate with any website through CSS and the multitude of parameters. It handles most of the basic formatting needs and has some functionality built in to help keep the rendered markup as clean as possible. Read more..

Image Preloading Deeply - CSS/Javascript/jQuery

Browsers load images after an HTTP request is sent for them either by <img> tag or through a javascript call. If you have a javascript function that changes an image on mouseover, you have to wait while the image is retrieved from the server. This would be disturbing when users have a slow internet connection or when the images being retrieved are very large. Although most of the browsers store images in the local cache so that subsequent calls to them are responded immediately, there is still a delay in the first time the images.. Read more..

CSS Based Javascript Free Cross-Browser Pagination with Tooltips

Blogs, forums, online slide presentations etc. mostly use simple previous - next text links for navigation. All other fancy, more useful pagination techniques need Javascript code or images. Yesterday, I came across to a new completely CSS based, Javascript and image free pagination example. Read more..

Announcing High Performance JavaScript

Last year was one in which I did a lot of research on performance, resulting in the Speed Up Your JavaScript blog post series (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4) as well as several talks, namely JavaScript Variable Performance at the San Francisco JavaScript Meetup, Speed Up Your JavaScript at Google (video), and Writing Efficient JavaScript at Velocity. Read more..

13 Useful JavaScript Solutions for Charts and Graphs

Graphs and charts are used to simplify complex data and make it easy to read and understand. So it really wouldn’t make sense if it was difficult to integrate a graph into a website. Thanks to Javascript and a bunch of talented developers, we have at our disposal solutions for easily adding graphs and charts to our web projects. Here are 13 of these, including some written for jQuery and MooTools, that you will find very useful. Read more...

Post Pic 7 wonderful Analog and Digital clocks using CSS and Javascript

A collection of 7 cool analog and digital clocks to use in your next project. I find these clocks really cool and impressive. Moreover these clocks shows the power of CSS and Javascript which is why it makes these clocks worth watching. Read more..

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