Module Monday: User Revision

For years, Drupal sites that needed cool, customizable user profiles have relied on the Content Profile module to give each user a custom 'Profile' node. With the arrival of Drupal 7, it's possible to skip the middleman and add custom FieldAPI fields directly to the User entity! That's great news for purist devs who were frustrated by that extra, dangling node. The downside, though, is that Drupal 7 style User Entities can't take advantage of Revisions the way nodes can. | Read more on Lullabot

Every Drupal Site is an Install Profile

Every Drupal Site is an Install Profile | walkah - I've been working with this hypothesis while working on Drupal 7 sites. I don't think it's necessarily revolutionary, but I would like some feedback. Currently, I'm approaching every Drupal site build as its own install profile. Read more

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