New Drupal Book: Drupal 7 Themes

Packt Publishing has released the most recent installment in their popular Drupal Themes series of titles: Drupal 7 Themes. The new book, from author Ric Shreves, updates and expands up on the Drupal 6 edition.

The new edition differs from previous efforts in several regards. In addition to updating the content to reflect the changes in the theming layer in Drupal 7, the author has shifted focus to emphasize the use of sub-themes in theme customization and in the creation of new themes. “Sub-theming is one of the most powerful tools themers possess and proficiency with this tool unlocks the presentation layer in Drupal,” states the author. “When you combine sub-theming with the ability to intercept and override templates, styles and themable functions, there’s literally nothing you can’t do.” The book has also been re-organized with new chapters focused on solutions to common issues faced in theming and another dedicated to useful tools and modules that can assist with theming. “We also stepped away from lengthy code excerpts in favor of more narrow snippets focused on demonstrating specific techniques,” added Shreves.

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50 High Quality Themes for Drupal Developers

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