Designing for the Future with HTML5+CSS3 : Tutorials and Best Practices

HTML5 is the next major version of HTML. HTML5 provides some great new features for web designers who love to create readable code and semantically-meaningful layouts. HTML 5 introduces and enhances a wide range of features including: form controls, APIs, dragging and dropping, multimedia, drawing graphics on screen and a lot more.
The new specifications has added quite a few interesting and useful tags for structuring your markup. Read more..

The Skinny on CSS Attribute Selectors

CSS has the ability to target HTML elements based on any one of their attributes. You probably already know about classes and IDs. Check out this bit of HTML:
<h2 rel="friend" class="magical" id="first-title">David Walsh</h2>
This single element has three attributes: ID, class, and rel. Read more..

CSS3 Examples and Best Practices

The CSS3 trend is getting more and more popular. In fact CSS3 new features open a lot of new possibilities. Check out my previous post on "CSS3 Animation Demos" to see the things that you can do with it. However, don’t get too excited so soon because it is not fully supported by all browsers yet. Read more..

5 Techniques to Acquaint You With CSS 3

CSS is a well-known, widely used language to style websites. With version three in the works, many time-saving features will be implemented. Although only the most modern browsers currently support these effects, it's still fun to see what's around the corner! In this tutorial I'll show you five techniques. Read more..

Image Preloading Deeply - CSS/Javascript/jQuery

Browsers load images after an HTTP request is sent for them either by <img> tag or through a javascript call. If you have a javascript function that changes an image on mouseover, you have to wait while the image is retrieved from the server. This would be disturbing when users have a slow internet connection or when the images being retrieved are very large. Although most of the browsers store images in the local cache so that subsequent calls to them are responded immediately, there is still a delay in the first time the images.. Read more..

19 Popular CSS Tools For Web Developers and Designers

Even if you know CSS very well some tasks take lot of time to complete and for this there are lots of tools available using which you can complete your projects quicker. These tools can help you in creating forms, buttons, curve boxes, pages and lots of different CSS generated stuff. Read more..

CSS Based Javascript Free Cross-Browser Pagination with Tooltips

Blogs, forums, online slide presentations etc. mostly use simple previous - next text links for navigation. All other fancy, more useful pagination techniques need Javascript code or images. Yesterday, I came across to a new completely CSS based, Javascript and image free pagination example. Read more..

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