How to Hire a Drupal Developer

Article by Seth Brown May 26, 2011 - 8:00am

Finding Drupal Rockstars

If you think a good man is hard to find, you should try looking for a good Drupal developer! The competition is fierce for experienced Drupal developers, and as Lullabot's development manager, the task of tracking them down usually falls on my plate. Athough Lullabot's status in the community helps us to attract talented individuals, it's still a challenging process.

Here are a few things that I look for in Drupal developers, and the resources that I recommend to our clients when they're looking to add some Drupal muscle. Hopefully, this advice will also be helpful to individuals who are looking for a job and want to stand out from the crowd.

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25+ Free Editors and IDEs for Freelance Developers on a Tough Budget

Spending hundreds of dollars on a text editor or IDE may give you a great tool with loads of nice features, regular updates, great documentation etc…. It’s an option but actually there are very useful and completely free alternatives. In this article tripwire magazine provides a list of more than 25 free Editors and IDEs useful for most developers on a tough budget. Please drop a comment if a great tool was missed in the post. Read more..

Coderun - online IDE

Coderun is a free, cross-platform browser-based IDE. Runs in IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Main page, IDE, jquery sample

Colección de recursos para programadores web y diseñadores

Esta es mi más reciente colección de enlaces a artículos con recursos para programadores, diseñadores y amantes del software para web.

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