jQuery links 2012-01-30 [updated]

Quiero compartirles mi más reciente colección de enlaces relacionados con jQuery. Espero les sea de mucho provecho.

I want to share with you my most recent collection of links related to jQuery. I hope it will be useful.

jQuery links 2009-03-14

Esta es mi más reciente colección de recursos para los amantes de jQuery

10 Great Resources and Techniques Javascript for Analog and Digital Clock
10 jQuery Transition Effects: Moving Elements with Style
15 jQuery Plugins Giving Web Interfaces Drag ‘N Drop Capabilities
15 jQuery Plugins to Create Stunning Image Zoom Effects
17 jQuery Plugins for Easy and Efficient Reordering and Filtering Page Elements
20 Examples of jQuery Tooltip Plugins

Mistakes Were Made: Making Interactive Maps With jQuery

I use both Flash and jQuery when designing interactions for data visualization projects. A great opportunity came along to experiment with ways jQuery could be used to develop an interactive map. Before I go further, I admit that mistakes were made, but no pandas were harmed at any point and our team learned a lot, so it ended up a win-win (for us and the pandas). Read more..

Quicksand : Reorder and Filter Items With Animation

Quicksand is a jQuery plugin by Jacek Galanciak aims to help you create shuffling animation to reorder or filter your items list, it’s inspired by Mac apps (AppZapper). Quicksand turn your unordered list into beautiful shuffling animation by comparing two collections of items and replacing them, see the demostration to make sure what it is.
Quicksand licensed under MIT and GPL version 2 license and it’s works on most modern browser including Safari 4, Chrome 4, Firefox 3.5, Opera 10.15 and IE 7 & 8. Read more..

Drupal Jquery JCarousel Implementation

A recent project put us in need of a carousel. Jcarousel provided the basics for what we needed however we had to add some additional love to get the carousel working the way the client envisioned.
We had to theme the block.tpl file for the carousel, using PHP to achieve our goal. The biggest issue we needed to address was that the carousel would need to start on the same thumbnail (depending on a page's parent) whether it was on a parent or child page. Read more..

30 The Best jQuery plugins inspired from Twitter and Facebook

jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. jQuery plugins are an integral part of modern web design. jQuery plugins gives web designers a wide range of activities and opportunities to develop a wide range of variation effects to your websites. The plugins below will allow you to insert in to your website very interesting effects of Social media giants: Twitter and Facebook. If you want to create Facebook like.. Read more..

Auto Load and Refresh Div every 10 Seconds with jQuery

Have you seen this Twitter Search and Facebook shows most recent tweets/posts count from the database every 10 seconds on top of the page. I had developed like this with jQuery and Ajax. It's simple just 5 lines of code. Read more..

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